Guide Book Software
+ Customizable preferences
+ All regions or states included
+ V.I.N. look-up decoder
+ Stores booked cars, recall in an instant
+ Enter personal notes on booked vehicles
+ Lists and sorts saved vehicles
+ Re-values saved vehicles with each new update
+ Automatically updates wirelessly
+ Barcode scanning capability, call for details and devices
+ Seamless integration with all GigglePop valuation tools
   (Vehicle History, Auction Run Lists, Market Report)
+ Large easy-to-read fonts
+ Easy-to-use functionality
The best guide book software on the road.
Introducing the affordable e∗valPal® valuation software. A perfect way for auto professionals to save time, avoid frustration, and best of all, save money. Calculate guide book values with simplicity and accuracy. Avoid costly mistakes!

No more flipping through pages, mileage table adjustments or miscalculating vehicle adds and deducts.

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Guide Book Software Pricing:
1 pack

$50 per month per guide

Included with your subscription

Multiple subscriber discounts available.
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Pick any of our Guide Book products and have fast access to our Auction Run List and Vehicle History software. Then add a Market Report for even more power and convenience. (Retrieving vehicle history reports requires device internet access and dealer account activation by your vehicle history provider.)
A one time $20 activation fee is required on new accounts. (Includes one year of software tech support)